Tsunku Arrested Over Takahashi Ai's Statement in an Interview


Kobayashi: Is producer Tsunku a genius?
Takahashi (Ai): Yes.

Kobayashi: What impresses you about him?
Takahashi: He has all these groups, not just Morning Musume, and makes so many songs. The melody is different each time. It thought it was amazing how he got the idea for Kimagure Princess by looking at his daughter's butt.

Full interview translation here

Latest shocking news we received from Japan. Tsunku was arrested this morning by the Japanese Police. The arrest was related to the Takahashi Ai's interview in Nack5 Fanky Friday radio on last Friday. The arrest was made after the Japanese Police had been pressured by outraged parents and NGOs all over Japan.

It seems that the statement of Tsunku's ideas of Kimagure Princess by looking at his daughter's backside caused dissatisfaction from parents. This also made the Association of Anti-Hello! Project (AAHP) filed a petition that lead to the arrest. The association spokesperson said that Tsunku's action of looking at his daughter's backside was "sickening".

"We do not like a child to be exploited like that. We simply does not want more parents to stare at their daughter's butt for ideas for their work. This is a very unhealthy and unproductive state of action shown by a famous person."

A statistic showed an increase of parents looking at their child's backside for ideas. Most of them work as artists, author, politicians or any other work that requires idea-generation. Before the interview, only 25-50 cases of parents watching the backside but after the interview, the number increases to 150-500 cases per day.

Up-Front Agency made a statement in the evening that the company will probably hire new composers and lyricists for the upcoming singles of all of the groups and singers managed by the company. But some said the statement was to calm down fans as words of disbanding the groups such as Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou and C-ute was spread all over the internet.

We will still wait for more news of Tsunku's arrestment. Media journalist were called once again for a news conference at UFA's headquarter. It is said that it is related of sudden retirement of Takashi Ai from Hello! Project.

Hit the jump for amateur pictures of today's incident.

Policemen guarding the entrance to Tsunku's residence.

Japanese Police notice of Tsunku's arrest using Tsunku's Mii character. Also can be seen in the notice is Tsunku's car. The notice was put up just before the arrestment was made.

Tsunku's grandmother's neighbour trying to pass a policeman at the police station where Tsunku is currently held.

A Takahashi Ai fan.

Police checking UFA's headquarter area after receiving a bomb threat.

Tsunku's favorite teddy bear taken to the police station after requested by his wife. She said Tsunku can never sleep without his favorite teddy bear.


Amazing sales of Sakura no Shiori outside Japan.


AKB48 15th single, Sakura no Shiori recorded an amazing sales of more than 229,000 copies on the first day and exceeded 250,000 (263,822) sales on the second day making it the most successful AKB48 single to date as published by Oricon chart. But the sales was based solely in Japan.

Our correspondents (AKB48 fans actually) from around the world also sent us videos from their major music stores which sells the single. And surprisingly, the sales outside Japan was also too amazing as crowds queued outside music stores as early as 3am in the morning. The videos we received are from the United States, Finland, Germany, India, England, Congo, Canada and Malaysia. Other countries also recorded amazing sales for Japanese single.

The crowds were not only AKB48 fans, but also insomnia and sleeping disorder patients who took the opportunity of the lunar new year holiday to be at the stores, as promoted by their country's health ministry of the effectiveness of Sakura no Shiori to cure the stated problem.

Unfortunately, we did not receive any report on the number of sales from outside Japan.


AKB48 Sakura no Shiori is the Perfect Cure for Insomnia and Sleeping Disorder.


AKB48 latest single, Sakura no Shiori which will be released later this month has been awarded by the Japanese Government through The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as "The Song of 2010 That Can Cure Insomnia and Sleeping Disorder for Human and Pets".

In the middle of last month, the ministry signed an agreement with King Records to distribute 50 CDs containing only the song to 50 patients and volunteers of insomnia and sleeping disorder around the world. The number was limited to 50 to prevent piracy or an early leak on the internet. The patients and volunteers are consisted of human and pets that have the stated problems that caused mental and physical health problem to themselves, family members, friends and pet owners.

More details and presentation video after the jump.

Video presentation showing the effectiveness of the song in curing sleeping disorder.

The patients and volunteers, through the ministry of health of their respective countries were given a copy of the CD to help the research of curing the sleeping problems by using the song. The patients were then required to write an essay about their responses to the song whether it was positive or negative and filled 25-page thick survey forms.

90 percents were successfully cure their sleeping disorder the first time they listened the song. while another 10 percents were unsuccessful due to the unavailability of CD player or electricity due to financial condition. Almost half of them send back with the video recordings the patients and volunteers falling asleep taken by their family members or friends. Some of the successful videos from different ages and gender including cat and dogs was selected for a 6 minutes video presentation to the panels from the Japanese ministry before it was recognized as an official cure for human and pets earlier today.

One of the patient said he finally had a good night sleep after 45-years of insomnia while another patient recommends buying the CD single as a cheap method to cure sleeping disorder. It also helps relaxing hyperactive children and pets.

The Ministry however are undergoing a process of banning the song to be played on radio to prevent road accidents caused by the drivers that fell asleep during driving.


Ogawa Mana is bigger than Morning Musume and AKB48 in the US.


She is not a member of Morning Musume or any pure Hello Project unit. She is not even one of the hundred plus member of AKB48. She is Ogawa Mana. A member of Tsunku's TNX Canaria Club. Not just an ordinary member, this beautiful girl had released a few solo singles and acted in a few dramas.

What's most amazing about Ogawa Mana is that she is very popular in the western world, not only in the United States but also in Europe. She never been to the United States but she is more popular than Morning Musume and AKB48. Why, because there is one song about her appeared on TV, then the whole world made their versions. Including one Persian version probably from the members of the Persian Wota we covered months ago.

The song is by probably one of the greatest group in the United States which features 3 members, a guy as the lead vocal and 2 girls as the backup. No we will not reveal them here but they are in the video. The title is J'etaime vous, Ogawa Mana! (I Love You, Ogawa Mana!).

Right after the jump, we will feature the music video dedicated to her that took the (internet) world into a new dimension. We even did a karaoke for you to sing along and feel the power of transforming into an Ogawa Mana die hard fan.

Way to go Mana!


Kamei Eri's re-release of Maple Special LE PB.


In celebrating Kamei Eri 21st birthday next month, UFA will be (re)releasing Kamei Eri's Maple Special Limited Edition Photobook. So you think they are saving money just by releasing an old photobook with some extra unreleased picture?

No and yes. Because the extra picture will be in thermal imaging. During the photoshoot, the photographer used a special camera that gives two picture outputs. One is the normal picture that resulted the normal photobook, and the other one is the thermal image.

Talking about Japanese technology is very complicated but thank god they applied the technology to the idol industry. So who will buy the photobook? Tech enthusiasts, Eri's die hard fans and wotas, and someone with a good taste on art. But the pictures are not fully thermal, just some parts.

And the good thing is, The Trippendicular Unknown Stories received two pages (two pictures) from UFA, just because we are the best idol blog out there. One picture is above and the other "special" one is after the jump.

Hit the jump for the Special image.

Woah! This just proves two important things:

1. Kamei Eri have a small and cute butt.
2. Idols DO fart.


AKB48 Members Regrouped! Fans leaving the fandom!


Last night, in the usually quiet Trippendicular Unknown Stories secret underground headquarter, our forums monitoring device received an unusual increase in posting counts in the AKB48 forums from all around the world. There are spikes in the usage of words such as"OMG", "OMFG", "WTF", "Akipi is stupid", and "DO NOT WANT".

It was caused by the shocking announcement at the Budokan concert where most of the girls will be regrouped into different teams in AKB48, that's team A, team K and Team B effective on October. The new Teams will have the following members.

Team A
Takahashi Minami (Captain), Katayama Haruka [B], Kuramochi Asuka[K], Kojima Haruna, Sashihara Rino[B], Shinoda Mariko, Zuzuki Mariya [G], Takajyo Aki, Nakagawa Haruka[B], Nakata Chisato, Nakaya Sayaka[B], Maeda Atsuko, Maeda Ami [G], Matsubara Natsumi[K], Iwasa Misaki[G], Ota Aika[B], Oya Shizuka[G]

Team K
Akimoto Sayaka (Captain), Itano Tomomi [A], Uchida Mayumi [G], Umeda Ayaka, Oshima Yuko, Ono Erena, Kikuchi Ayaka [G], Kohara Haruka [B], Tanabe Miku [B], Nakatsuka Tomomi [B], Nito Moeno [B], Nonara Misato [G], Fujie Reina [A], Matsui Sakiko [G], Minegishi Minami [A], Miyazawa Sae, Yonezawa Rumi

Team B
Kashiwagi Yuki (Captain), Ishida Haruka, Oku Manami [K], Kasai Tomomi [K], Kitahara Rie [A], Kobayashi Kana [K], Komori Mika [G], Sato Amina [A], Sato Sumire [G], Sato Natsuki [K], Suzuki Shihori, Chirano Rina, Hirajima Natsumi, Masuda Yuka [K], Miyazaki Miho [A], Watanabe Mayu

Half of our staff are AKB48 fans. That's around 250. Some of them went crazy after hearing the news. We read about how Watanabe Mayu aka Mayu cried like a baby while kneeling and holding to Ohta Aika photo or so we heard.

But the most shocking, saddening and heartbreaking news we had was one of our most prominent staff who decided to quite her job after the news. She was shocked and looks like she has no interest in AKB48 anymore. We really do not want her to quit her job so we posted the video we captured after the announcement hoping that our readers can probably motivates her not to quit. Thinking that she will not going to have a proper job after this, she still hopes that she will have the money to buy A5 DVD.

There must be worst than this out there.


Iiwake Maybe - Teenage Japanese High School Girls Drama (with translation)


So we have a new PV from AKB48. Iwake Maybe. We have translated the opening scene, just like we did for 10 Nen Zakura. It is a story about typical high school girls relationship and conflict. The main characters in the PV are Maeda Atsuko who had an affair with the boyfriend of Oshima Yuko. Both looks like the popular girls in the school. Maeda, backed by Takahashi Minami who continues the drama into some intense scene featuring other AKB48 members.

Then the teacher interrupted the confrontation and decided to let the girls prove who's the best through a bicycle race.

One of the main attraction of the PV is the appearance of what seems to be the Evil Powerpuff Girls, led by Ohta Aika, who usually gave brilliant evil and sickening suggestions to see other girls suffer. She has two sidekicks with her, the trustworthy, supportive but a bit dumb Watanabe Mayu and the quiet Kashiwagi Yuki with her evil flowery words.

So we hope everyone enjoyed our latest quality post from The Trippendicular Unknown Stories. Thank you!

[ AKB48 Iiwake Maybe 言い訳 Maybe PV sub translation ]


Persian Wota


From the country that has been making headlines everyday, we present the Persian Wota. Forget about the politics, this video from Iran proves that the wota culture has spread even to the Middle East. Unfortunately, they are quite new and the wotagei video featured here is the tutorial video from one of the few group pioneers, for the new members to learn the wotagei.

The video features a Persian (Iranian) guy, chanting and giving instruction at the same time for the Fujimoto Miki's Romantic Ukare Mode. And what makes them unique and uber-cool from other Gaijin Wota including the over featured Mexican Wota is that they have created their own moves that combines the traditional Iranian male dancing and chantings in Persian language. But the moves are named in Arabic because they wanted to standardized the name for other Middle Eastern countries.

Some of the moves includes;

أكثر من عمل الدلفين النمط الفارسية - OAD Persian Style
ستايل الرومانسية الفارسية - Romansu Persian Style
ڧ.ڧ.ڧ.ح النمط الفارسية - PPPH Persian Style
المواريالنمط الفارسية - Mawari Persian Style
and so on.

We hope to see more of the Persian Wota uniqueness and hope they will grow and increase the sales of H!P products outside Japan in the near future.


Mitsui Aika's Toe Surgery Video Leaked Online


Some of us may already knew that Mitsui Aika has been diagnosed with detached cartilage on a toe on her left foot.

Aika Mitsui preparing for surgery on toe

Morning Musume member Aika Mitsui (16) has been diagnosed with detached cartilage on a toe on her left foot, it was learned on Friday. As a result, she will be undergoing surgery to remove the cartilage.

An announcement on the official Hello! Project website explained that her condition may affect her performance, so surgery was deemed necessary. She will be absent from a fan club event on May 23-24.

From http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-4812

Last night, we received an email from an unknown individual who claimed he is working with Up-Front Agency. In the email he attached a video entitled 光井愛佳の左足人差し指の手術.avi (Mitsui Aika's left toe surgery video).

From the 30-seconds video, we found out that the video was recorded by Mitsui Aika herself as she introduced herself in the video and she asked the supports from her fans. UFA will probably release this video somewhere BUT after watching the video, we conclude that this video will never be released officially.

Hit the jump for the video.

A we can see, it was more than a detached cartilage.

Video translation:
"This is Mitsui Aika. I'm still not good in singing and dancing, but I will do my best from now on, so everyone, please support meeeeeeee!!!"

We hope that she will recover fast so that she can perform and attend any event with Morning Musume.

Thanks to mc4mass for the translation.


Morning Musume members in a sex photo scandal.


Kamei Eri and Takahashi Ai.

First, we would like to congratulate Morning Musume on their latest single, Shouganai Yume Oibito. It is a great song with a wonderful PV. We hope the single will get a good sales and further increase Morning Musume popularity.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to see the current Morning Musume shines. The latest breaking news we received from Japan is that two of it's prominent members fell into a sex photo scandal. The members are Takahashi Ai which is the current group leader and one of the 6th generation, Kamei Eri. They both is being accused of sleeping with the same person at the same time.

Since yesterday, Japanese televisions have been showing the picture of the girls, sleeping next to an unknown Japanese man. The man revealed his chest and probably naked during the time the picture was taken. In the picture, he was also seen having his arms wrapped around the two girls. The three of them were smiling happily as they were enjoying themselves. For the two girls, they had their clothes on and still, most people were worried if they wore anything under the blanket.

The identity of the man is still being investigated. Some said he is one of the Hello! Project staff while others identified him as one of the professional gigolo hired from one of the club at Tokyo's Kabukicho area. The picture shocked the nation yesterday and Hello! Project are still holding their comments regarding this matter. As far as we know, this is too serious and probably Morning Musume will be disbanded.

Picture taken from a television show, after the jump.

The picture was shown even in children show. Probably, they tried to bring negative images for Morning Musume to the children.